• Shaun Clayton
  • Bio

    Tempoary MeShaun Clayton is a an artist, filmmaker, writer, and funny person living in Chicago, Illinois.

    He is currently the Team Lead of Multimedia Development for StoneX Financial, Inc., a Fortune 500 company. Shaun graduated with a Bachelor's in both Multimedia and Theatre arts from the University of Arizona.

    Shaun has had written pieces up at McSweeney's and Topless Robot. He was once a Research Intern for Late Night With Conan O'Brien. He won the Loft Cinema's Monthly Short contest twice. He has also performed in various little commercials and terrible short films. He's had his own written and directed one-act play up at The Annoyance Theatre, where he also spent years doing improv comedy. Shaun has been making webcomic called "I'm not Depressed" since 2017. Shaun also collects old-ass Macintosh computers. He's terribly skilled at video editing, and can move around Adobe Premiere Pro with ease.

    He also is a pretty swell guy.